My latest poems in Sylvia and The Virginia Normal


Thanks to the hard-working editors of Sylvia and The Virginia Normal where two of my latest poems appear.  Both of these poems are highly personal. 

"My Mother's Shade" :

"Joan Didion Got It Wrong"

My Penny Lane Love Song by Carla Sarett

Lucy Jones

I wanted to go to Penny Lane 

with you, my ears and my eyes.

You'd find that picture of the Queen

How the barber would smile!

You'd make friends with the banker

In the blue pouring rain,

You'd have the right umbrella

And rescue the fireman, 

And you'd drink suburban tea, 

And wave to the meter maid.

Then the blackbird would sing, 

And you'd know the tune.

We could fly to Penny Lane 

We'd call it the moon.

"Call Me Ishmael" in Misfit Magazine

 Thanks to fellow Melville-lover and editor of Misfit Magazine for publishing my little (funny, I hope) prose poem in his latest issue.  For laughs, read it:

New Poem in Muddy River Poetry Review

 Many thanks to editors of Muddy River Poetry Review for publishing two of my poems, "After Hearing Gunshots Mission Bay" and "The House I Never Lived In."  You can read them below. One's inspired by the poems of Walter de la Mare.

New poem in Hamilton Stone Review

 My poem "before the first frost" appears in the Fall 2020 Issue of The Hamilton Stone Review.  A nostalgic poem...thanks to the editors for including it.

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