My Family Was Like a Russian Novel: poems— out from Plan B


Excited to announce my new poetry chapbook is out from Plan B Press.  The book has been shortlisted in several competitions.  These poems emerged from my re-reading of the novels of Dostoyevsky during the lockdown— and reognizing so many of the characters in my own family.  (“The Idiot” was my dad’s favorite novel…so it figures.)

Thanks so much to the editors of Evening Street Street Review, Neologism, Harpy Hybrid, and Gyroscope who supported these poems.  Plus, thrilled to receive this praise from one of my favorite authors:  

My Family Was Like a Russian Novel lives up to both its title and readers' highest expectations in a braided collection of delicate narrative poems…At moments haunting, at moments hopeful, and with an occasional sting in the tail, Carla Sarett’s distinctive voice pays tribute to the wonders of childhood and the loss ever-lurking beyond. Her writing, at once elegy and clarion call, seeks to enchant.

—Jacob M. Appel, author of The Cynic in Extremis

You can buy it at the Plan B Bookstore (link below)

2023 news_ publications and new books


2023 is upon us— thanks to so many of you who ordered SHE HAS VISIONS from Main Street Rag.  If you’d like an autographed copy, they’re available — just send ten dollars via PayPal, and email me your address (or DM to twitter @cjsarett)

I am about to launch a new author website, so I might be re-thinking this blog. As some of you know, the software’s a bit clunky.  (But there are some of my favorite short essays here so…)  

Some of my recent publications include

—  “The Maltese Falcon” in the beautifully illustrated print edition of The Whimsical Poet (available on Amazon, and edited by Sara Altman)

—“self portrait: untitled film still” in Tiny Wren 

—three micro-poems in Dream Noir, including “self portrait as Shostakovich.”  

All of these and other film noir poems will be available in a new chapbook, WOMAN ON THE RUN, published by Alien Buddha.  I love its new cover.  It, too, will be sold through Amazon, and only in a print edition.  (Sorry, digital fans.) 

More news to come, including a chapbook of poems about my family.  

News November: Nominations for Pushcart and Best of Net

 I am honored to report that two of my poems were nominated for prizes in 2022.  Many thanks to the editors of these great literary journals.  

You can click on the links and find the poems here:  

“post abortion interview” appeared in One Art Poetry and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

“My family was like a Russian novels, everyone says,” appeared in Pithead Chapel, and was nominated for Best of Net.  

My Poetry Book on Pre-Order

 My debut poetry collection — poems written for my late husband Paul Messaris, and dedicated to him, is available for pre-order at Main Street Rag Press at a discounted price ($8.50 vs. its regular $14.00) 

(My talented friend Judith Spiegel provided the cover image.)  Here’s the link to my author page, with advance reviews and sample poems.  SHE HAS VISIONS

post abortion interview and other publications

Thanks to editor Mark Dankowsky of One Art for publishing my poem “post abortion interview” in today’s edition of the journal.  I’ve published a few times for Mark, and he’s a true supporter of women’s rights (as well as a superb editor.)

Other new publications include:

My highly personal prose poem “My Family Was Like a Russian Novel” in Pithead Chapel.

Another of the movie-inspired poems “Street of No Return” in the interesting new journal Rock Paper Poem.  

And in the quirky U.K. blog, MONO, find my dark satirical poem, “Book Club.” 

Podcast with Jewish Literary Journal in April and other news

I recently had a lively conversation with Aaron Berkowitz, the editor of Jewish Literary Journal.  We talked about my poem, “Nebach,” as well as our views about Yiddish and its role in Jewish memory.  My thanks to JLJ for giving a platform to Jewish voices.  

Hope you enjoy it HERE.

Also, you can find my short interview with Unsolicited Press (publisher of my novel A Closet Feminist) here

Finally, a big thanks to the editors of Wolfson Press for naming my new chapbook, “Woman on the Run,” as a Semi-Finalist in their chapbook competition.  

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