New Poems in One Art Poetry

 Thanks to One Art Poetry (and its very fine editor) for publishing these two poems: "You know, life" and "how suddenly."

Meditation 2020

Rebecca Salsbury

meditation 2020

Carla Sarett

Thoughts come and go 
of masks by the Bay and
homeless encampments 
under the freeway.
They are not my thoughts and yet,
if I don’t press them to me 
like wayward orphans
who will hold them close?

Your light-eyed father’s passage
from Port Elizabeth to Athens,  
the city that betrayed him
Your father who died before I met you
Your father who named you after his father
whom he despised, but said it was tradition.
If I disown your father’s sorrow,
who will weep for him?

(appeared in slightly different form in print anthology, PITTOC, poetry writting during Covid.)

Stranger in Paradise, reprinted online

Thanks to the new site Dreaming in Fiction for reprinting my short story, "Stranger in Paradise."

This story initially appeared in the anthology Summer Dreams, edited by my late friend Alan Seeger.

We all remember Alan as a person of great kindness.

You can read "Stranger in Paradise" here:

New poems published

The spurt of writing poetry during this quarantine season continues, possibly as a result of daily meditations.  Thanks to editors of Bluepepper and the new journal, grand little things for publishing my work.

You can read my poems "After hearing Mahler 5" and "Gathering" at grand little things, a welcome new journal of formal verse.  The first of these rhymes, the second is written in blank verse; and both are highly personal poems.

and my poem "someone somewhere" at the Australian poetry blog, Bluepepper

More poetry news

My poem "Cactus Rose" appears in the new issue of Prole, which is available for sale on their site.  Many thanks to the editors

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