Forget the Hollywood Effect: Guest Post by Georgina Ramsey

Georgina Ramsey lives in the North of England with her husband, son and numerous animals. She has been a teacher, and broke into the Indie market in 2013 with the release of ‘Love, Life & Cream Cakes!’ 

Here is what she contributes for Valentine's Month.

I asked my husband the other day what ‘romance’ meant to him.

His reply:  “Romance? Nah, it doesn’t really exist!”

I faltered.  It seemed that to him, romance was no different to a cheese and pickled onion sandwich! (The idea of which is quite appealing, but it requires a bit of effort to pull off, and there are easier options in the cupboard.)  Now, I could have taken his remark as an insult.  I might have concluded our cat arguably has more romance in his left paw – at least he bothers to bring me the occasional gift! But I didn’t feel dejected.   I decided that my husband is misinformed.

I blame the Hollywood Effect.  

My husband, by the way, hates romcom movies (he says they’re not “real life”) so I used to sit and watch them by myself, with a bar of chocolate and a nice cup of tea.  Now what’s the Hollywood version of romance?

Well, you shower your special someone with spectacular presents costing the Earth, a la ‘Pretty Woman.  You make a gesture that requires months of planning.  A flash mob, perhaps? If you combine the two you’ve scored! 

Patrick Dempsey’s hero in ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ whisks Reece Witherspoon’s heroine to Tiffany’s afterhours to pick any engagement ring she wants.  You find me a woman who did not swoon. I don’t fancy Patrick Dempsey, but with that kind of wooing I could be persuaded!  I worry that the Hollywood Effect has resulted in a chunk of the population feeling incapable of pulling off a romantic gesture.

Yes, there’s something magical about fantasies like Cinderella. I admit that one of my earlier novels (‘Sex, Lies & Corned Beef Pies!’) is a modern day Cinderella story.  But my latest romantic comedy, ‘When Love Feels Like A Pocket Full Of Snails,’ is a down to earth look at how couples fall for one another when their paths cross. And I fell for the lead male in this story good and proper when I was writing it!

Romance is about making that special someone feel just that – special. It might be a simple note, a morning selfie, a cuddle or a kiss goodnight. Do you know what? My husband does that each and every day. And when we’re out walking, he offers me his work coat, sometimes smelly.   I’d say the romance in my life is pretty perfect. 

When Love Feels Like A Pocket Full Of Snails! is available here

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