Christmas Reading Recommendations Off the Beaten Path from Author, Samantha Memi

Tired of the same old bestseller lists?  Our favorite flash fiction authoress from across the Pond, Ms.Samantha Memi, offers her idiosyncratic list for Christmas reading.  Personally, I can't wait to get started on these.

Stocking fillers for Christmas Good Tidings and Joy to the World. These are books I recommend for literate people to have a wonderful Christmas, sitting round the Christmas tree, reading.

My favourite writer, Carmel Bird, brought My Hearts Are Your Hearts to our bookshops (what's left of them) in August 2015. Twenty exquisite stories about all sorts of things, like love and murder and all that sort of stuff.

Buy it here

Rohini Gupta comes from the land of Mahasweta Devi and Manjula Padmanabhan, and I think that tradition of lyricism and truth shines through in her work. Her writing has a simplicity and honesty that I find inspiring. The 24 stories in To Catch a Falling Star are an excellent showcase of her talent.

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In Derek Pell’s Naked Lunch at Tiffany's we learn that the manoeuvres a curvaceous crane operator makes are rather too intimate for a blurb on a book cover. Such fascinating facts abound in this treasure of a book.  Buy it here

Vi Khi Nao’s Swans In Half-mourning take as its starting point The Six Swans by Hans Christian Anderson. She balances dexterously between poetry and storytelling, making this poetical story come alive in the telling. 

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Brian Conn describes his novel, The Fixed Stars, as ‘…sort of experimental science fiction where people talk funny.’ 

What more could an intelligent reader want?

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All in letters bound in string

And last we have this effort from Samantha Memi. 

Not something I would normally recommend but as I know her so well I feel duty bound to try to help her along. She's hoping someone will recognise All in letters bound in string as a worthwhile book to read, and who am I to shatter that delusion.

(Carla Sarett also agrees that it might be worthwhile to buy this.)

Offered though the Etsy website:  Click here 

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