Nine Romantic Stories and Building Platforms

So, I've (after some mechanical difficulties with Kindle Select Publishing, I have uploaded my first story collection to Amazon.  You can download a sample of it at Nine Romantic Stories: Carla Sarett: Kindle Store:

This book is a marketing experiment (or what's called platform-building experiment) of sorts.  For starters, it's shorter than a full-length story collection, so I've priced it at a dollar.  My thinking is (although I could change my position) that it's less of a commitment, and maybe some brand-new readers will find me.  Or maybe not-- I'll see.

The other part of the experiment is to play around with tags, categories and different forms of advertising to see what works in the new world.  I've published almost all of these stories, so it's not as if readers can't find them elsewhere.  But can ads through Facebook, Kindle Nation, and Google Adwords make a difference?  In the next few weeks, I'll be trying each of these and reporting back on what's worked and what's flopped.

In the meantime, hope that some of you will splurge for a dollar!

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