Valentine's Month Continues: "Split Peach" by Rafeeq O. McGiveron

Yes, it's the month of Cupid, which we celebrate here.  From comic flights of fancy, we move to something a tad sexy.  This week, a poem from author, Rafeeq O. McGiveron.  

Rafeeq has published Critical Insights: Fahrenheit 451 and Critical Insights: Robert A. Heinlein (forthcoming 2015) for Salem Press, and in 2014, a self-published novel, Student Body, which is available in paper and Kindle editions.  

The poem below appeared in 2008 in the literary journal, Clean Sheets:

Split Peach


Rafeeq O. McGiveron

Velvet split peach,
so juicy,
liquid and fragrant
in the soft, sighing night,

a plucked-open fruit-bowl
to wallow within
as slippery nectars
smear lips, nose, and chin

and sticky-soft flesh
slides ’neath a tongue
wordlessly writhing
in worshipful song.

What other night-treat
could satisfy like this?

Ah, love—

to devour thee is bliss!
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