The Study of Comets By Daniel Essman

I'm a big fan of Mr. Daniel Essman, that mysterious poet fellow from Willits, California. Mysterious, yes....Dan tends to hide his work at poetry readings in Mendocino and the like, and I'm forever nagging him to publish it so I can keep it on my iPad, at the least.  But he has (don't quote me on this) hinted that he might release a short-story collection of his amazing supernatural noirish tales. Let's hope that this time, he keeps his promise.  But I digress.

You can hear this wonderful story of Dan's, "The Study of Comets," read by the lively authoress, Giana de Persiis Vona.  It's a fine reading.  Listen.  And incidentally, she offers other readings on her interesting Podcast site, Staring Problem.  

The Study of Comets By Daniel Essman | Staring Problem Podcast's tracks | Spreaker
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