Three Tips from Well-Known Novelists

Mary Yuhas writes for Harvard Square Editions, where she interviews authors, literary agents, editors, film makers, directors and others.   I asked Mary if she had learned any "tips" from these well-known authors.  

Here are three tips that she sent from novelists:

Tip 1: 
From Interview with James Patterson, best-selling author.  

Write an outline that tells the story before you start writing - 60 - 80 pages.  Keep the story as tight as authors of short stories do.'

Tip 2: From Interview with Paul Levine, mystery writer, cowriter of TVseries, Jag with Don Bellisario  

First time authors should try to publish the traditional way: look for a literary agent rather than going with a self-published eBook.

Tip 3: From Interview with Susan Cox, winner, 2013 Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America

Talk to other writers and keep alert to changes in your genre

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