Irresistible Impulse and Other Short Stories

We've interviewed author Barbara Alfaro on this blog about her memoir, Mirror Talk (you can read the interview here )-- and the response was very positive. Several blog readers wrote to tell me that they enjoyed discovering Ms. Alfaro's gentle and mildly offbeat humor.

I'm pleased to report that Barbara Alfaro has released another book in which her comic skills are shown to good advantage:  IRRESISTIBLE IMPULSE and other short stories.  These are super short stories, several of which appeared in literary magazines, blogs of the website, Scribd (where I first encountered Barbara's poems and stories.) One of my favorite stories, "The Three Faces of Barbara" is a funny riff on social media confusion. But they are all highly enjoyable and sweet.

You can find the book here: Irresistible Impulse and Other Short Stories eBook: Barbara Alfaro: Kindle Store:

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