About reviews of the online variety

A confession: I review a lot of books online, and I always give positive reviews.  It's true.  Now you know.

The question is why?

The answer isn't what you might suspect.

I'm not biased in favor of friends or certain authors.  I'm not paid for my reviews, ever.  I don't accept review copies.  I have never swapped reviews with author friends in a tit-for-tat fashion, and never would.  In fact, when certain authors have asked me to review, I've had to say no.  I didn't like their books well enough.  I didn't blame the author-- I accept that not every book's intended for me or even readers like me.

No, the reason for my consistently high ratings is simple.  I only read books that I love.  I stop reading when I get bored.  I stop reading if the story is unconvincing or the characters annoying.  If I spot a grammatical vulgarity, case closed.  If I find myself wondering about what happened on The Americans this week, ditto.  It's easy to stop reading.  Sometimes that happens on page 5 and sometimes page 50, but rarely on page 150.  In a college course, I was forced to slog through the entire book, but today, I read what I like and happily stop when I don't.

So, if the author holds my attention and I am engrossed by the story , I say, good job!  I like to alert others about my discovery.  If you inspect my Amazon or Goodreads profiles, you'll see lots of positives and a few neutrals, no negatives.
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