More thoughts on using Facebook Ads as Market Research for Ebooks

In the post below, I talked about the cost-efficiency of utilizing Facebook as a way to test titles or concepts for an ebook, in my case Nine Romantic Stories.  To review, you can set up a campaign for as little as $5 or $10 a day, and once you've established one ad, you can "Create a Similar Ad" (the type is tiny, but you'll see it below the ad.)  From there, you can set up similar ads.

Now, as I mentioned Facebook has unusual and intriguing targeting abilities from an author's viewpoint. Yes, you can target cat lovers or dog lovers.  And that's fine if you're a nonfiction author.

But what about fiction writers?  How can Facebook targeting help them?

Most authors know the general age of their target.  Nine Romantic Stories is intended for women who are past the vampire lust stage, and with as with all literary fiction, it is a given that readers are college educated.

So what else is left?

One ways to market books is to compare one author to another.  Amazon reviews have compared my book, for example, to Isak Dinesen, J.D. Salinger and even Nancy Mitford!  That is a wide range, to be sure. But we often find books because people tell us, if you like X, you'll like Y.

So, for my new test, I set up different targets for my ad (using the copy that I developed from the first campaign)   I use the SAME copy for each ad within the campaign (remember, one variable at a time), the SAME "cost per click" and ONLY varying the author.  On Facebook, I can target "Jane Austen" fans, Salinger fans, Dickens fans, you name it.  I learn how many people "like" a particular author-- and it's a great way to target.

I'll let you know how it goes.  
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