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Congratulations to fellow Scribd writer Tia de Shay for appearing on the Kindle blog, which is a fine place to browse for interesting things to read-- and by the way, pick up some free classics for your Kindle. One of the strongest features of the Kindle [in my mind] is the ability to sample books and writers-- which, despite all the whining about not being in a bookstore, has made me much more experimental in my reading choices. Through sampling, I "took a chance" on some new writers this year -- and have been absorbed and happy as a result-- and, yes, also, sampled some better-known writers, and decided that they belonged to the delete button. A fun test for those of who like this sort of thing is to read first paragraphs aloud to a friend and have them rate whether they would continue reading [when they don't know the author.]

You will be surprised at how many famous writers do not make the cut. Kindle Post
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