2016: 5 Resolutions or Not

Every year (or not) I set my goals and resolutions for the New Year, so since who among us can resist the appeal of the New?  This year, I'm in a contrary mood.  

So, here are 5 Things I won't Do in 2016 (or perhaps ever.)

1.  I won't write 50,000 thousand words in a month or complete a novel in that time.  Last time I checked, there is no novel famine, and writers should feel free to take as long as they like.

2. I will not read any celebrity memoirs about drug addiction, sex addiction, gambling addictions or alcoholism.  I wish all addicts a swift recovery, ideally without an accompanying memoir.  

3. I will not read any self-help books, whether about dieting, exercise or spiritual growth.  In fact, I will not grow spiritually, in all probability, although I will, with any luck, grow older.    

4. I will not watch cable news.  Ditto broadcast news.  Whether about Trump or Cruz, Clinton or Sanders, it's bound to be very loud.  Along with this moratorium, I will not read tell-all memoirs from cabinet refugees or former generals.

5.  I will not engage in social media discussions about this election, last election or any elections.  Let the American public vote as it likes without my nagging-- and if they're desperate for a vicious fight, they can turn to cable news.     

6 -- This one's a bonus. I will not blog about my "journey" to publishing my newly completed novel.  I hope that only I am interested in this particular voyage, but that future readers might be interested in the book.  
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