Scribd and Oyster: Not the Netflix of books

I read a lot so I was intrigued to hear about Scribd and Oyster, two entries into the "e-book subscription" business.  A low monthly fee for all the books you can read, which sounds like a great deal.  Both services have prompted comparisons to the the streaming video (and DVD rental) service, Netflix.

"The new Netflix," say reviews.  Are they really?

Hmm, not so fast.

Netflix started as a DVD rental alternative with a far deeper inventory, especially of rare, foreign and classic films, than video stores. When streaming video arrived, savvy Netflix offered series from Showtime, HBO and the BBC, mostly to compensate for the meager inventory on the streaming video side.  For many subscribers, who combine DVD with streaming video, Netflix remains the best place to find films and TV.
Product DetailsSo how do Oyster and Scribd perform?

I do love reading about Philadelphia history, especially of the Revolutionary War period. I own quite a few books, but wanted more.  So, I hopped over to Scribd and searched "Philadelphia history."  My search yielded mostly sports books or fiction (?)  On Oyster (which required payment info before I could search!) browsing looked tough.

In case you're wondering,  Amazon quickly spit out a list of 16 books.   I bought a few.  I think we're a long way from a Netflix of books.  
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