Discovering New Books through New Pages

Onward in my month of telling blog readers about new resources for discovering new books online.  I'm having fun wading through the sites, both new and old.  And speaking of old, I can't forget about New Pages-- a site I've used for years, without knowing how powerful it can be.

Many short fiction writers are familiar with this lively and well-organized website.  It features a running Call for Submissions that many of us use to find the right home for their short fiction or chapbooks-- you can check the calendar, and then see if the magazine has been reviewed in New Pages. Another plus of New Pages reviews:  they feature both print and online magazines.

But that's not all.  New Pages also features The Book Stand which is a "virtual rack" of new books from independent and university publishers. I like (and I write) flash fiction, for  example -- and that's one form that is hard to find.  But New Pages offers lots of great suggestions, including Editor's Picks.  

Plus, on the first day of every month, New Book Reviews offer reviews of poetry, short story collections and other books that are worth finding.  If you're weary of the mainstream, this is a great place to know about.  Take a hop over and find some good books.

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