Nikolas Baron recommends Online Writing Resources for Beginning Writers

Nikolas Baron, from Grammarly's Marketing Team in San Franciso, reached out to me with this blog post. Since many "indies" struggle with proofreading their own work, I thought his post might be helpful.
 Nikolas discovered his love for the written word in Elementary School, where he started spending his afternoons devouring Marc Brown novels and writing stories about pirate adventures. He currently has the pleasure of being tasked with talking to writers, bloggers, teachers, and others about how they use Grammarly to improve their writing.

One of the best ways to start your writing career is reading. 
Yes, reading. 
Think of writing as if you were a contractor. Contractors learn what the most common leaks are, where they can be found, and how to prevent and fix them. Writing is the same. You figure out what your most common errors are, where they occur, and how to avoid and fix them. It takes time, but there are resources to guide you. These sites teach the basics while you’re beginning and keep you learning when you become a seasoned writer:
Purdue OWL: the classic writer’s resource. 
It has teaching tools, lessons, citation references and grammar help. It’s a great starting point for a novice. Plus, all the information is free and continually updated by Purdue University.
Grammarly: a great online tool for veterans and beginners. This website has a proofreading tool to check your work, grammar/punctuation checking tools, a community of writers willing to help, and tools that identify common errors while teaching you how to avoid them. It can refresh your knowledge of grammar/punctuation, or it can teach you the basics. Grammarly can help you get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Poets and Writers (entire website) and the online writer’s book list: essential for any writer. 
It has contests, writing prompts, literary magazines, publishers, conferences, funding, MFA programs, writing programs, and book lists. It has advice and information about how to improve your writing.  This book list details over 100 books on writing. This site encompasses everything you need to start your writing career and keep it going. There is also a complementary magazine published bi-monthly stuffed to the gills with information and inspiration.
PaperRater: free proofreading tool that detects grammar and punctuation mistakes while also identifying plagiarism. 
This tool gives you a lot while teaching you how to fix your errors. Once you’ve mastered the basics and completed your first story, this free tool can proofread it and clean it up without the high costs of an editor.
Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips: an online help-guide with short, friendly tips to improve your writing.  
"Grammar Girl" makes the information easy to understand. I’ve had arguments with writers over grammar problems, and used Grammar Girl to resolve them. Mignon Fogarty, creator/host of the site, provides clears answer and makes learning easy. If you’re looking for any answer to your grammar, punctuation, or writing questions, Grammar Girl has you covered.

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