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Some of my blog readers prefer print to online, and I have had a few requests asking about where I can be found in print. In 2013, my short fiction appeared in several print publications-- some of which have appeared in the past month.

For those who are interested, here is a round-up:

 "The Library Girl" in Crack the Spine, Fall 2013.  

This is one of my most personal stories - a story about friendship and youthful hopes-- and it was published online earlier in the year.  I was gratified that Kerry Foley, editor of Crack the Spine,  chose to include it in the Fall 2013 Anthology.  As it happens, the entire anthology is a pleasure to read. You can find it here. 

"Chopin for Igor" appears in Contrary Cats.

This is a compilation of feline tales from the hard-working Catherine May, editor of Indigo Mosaic.  Catherine's abandoned her publishing business, so this is her swan song in book publishing.  It's a lovely collection of cat stories-- and "Chopin for Igor" is the final tale in the book, a spooky tale of those who are haunted by cats.  It's available at Lulu.  

"Happy Halloween" appears in 13 Bites

One of the happier collaborations I've been involved in has been this charming (and scary) book, 13 Bites, which was edited by the diligent, Alan Seeger.  Alan suggested to the BookGoodies Author's Group on Facebook that we contribute stories for an anthology whose profits would be donated to a children's literacy group.  I had a published story, "Happy Halloween" that melded perfectly into the others-- it was first published in the now defunct, Ear Hustler.

The book is available on Amazon.

"Career Girl" appears in Love Hurts

Another of my favorite editors, Eric Bosarge, of the fantastic online magazine, Eric's Hysterics, included my romantic comedy story, "Career Girl," in his anthology, Love Hurts.  Eric's one of my favorite editors because he actually improved my story -- yes, ego-bruising as it was, he suggested that I tighten it and make it funnier.  I did and it led me to pursue this character in other publications as well.

The book is available on Amazon.

"A Strange Courtship" appears in The Linnet's Wings, Spring 2013

The wonderful and creative editorial team at The Linnet's Wings re-printed my short story, "A Strange Courtship" in the Spring Edition of the magazine, which is now sold here.  I especially admired the artwork in this issue, so it's worth owning for that alone - always lovely when a magazine illustrates work in the old-fashioned way, as was done here.

This is available through CreateSpace.

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