Skive Magazine - 'April Fool's Day & Other Foolishness'

Since I appear in this very silly edition of Skive Magazine, I am pleased to see the following review, which the editor kindly forwarded to me:

'a very interesting and particularly quirky issue' by Debbie Robson

Once again the editor Matthew Ward has put together a very interesting and particularly quirky issue - this time for April Fool’s Day with the issue needing to be read backwards. The editor has always been a whizz with graphics and there are a number of pics in this issue that are very clever - my favourites are the Suit Yourself Ad and the Edgar Allen Poe Pourri Ad- dried gothic writer and flowers!!
There is also an extensive collection of poems sprinkled through the mag touching upon the theme of the edition or on occasion completely ignoring it! Favourites are "Dear Editor/s" by Jeffrey Zable - inversely astute, "6 weeks" by Susan G Duncan - very succinct, "This Poem is One" and "What is the Question" both by excellent poems by Maren O. Mitchell. I also enjoyed "Listen!" by Lucy Cole Gratten and it's translation - a nice reminder that we often don't listen and "nonsense candy" by Diane Havens raises some very interesting points.
Absolute favourite of the short stories is a tie with "Do You Take This Clown?" by Allen Kopp. Delightfully absurd! And "Ardent Mirrors" by Grove Koger strangely captivating and definitely too short! Other favourites are "Perchance" by Michael Price with its cast of characters, "My April Girl" by Eric Scott with an ending I should have seen coming but didn't and "Crazy Lovebirds" by Carla Sarett is just plain crazy!
Highly recommended!

— Debbie Robson

The magazine is available through the link below:

Skive Magazine - 'April Fool's Day & Other Foolishness', 1 April 2013 issue:

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