Self-publishing vs. traditional

A very provocative post by author Amy Chavez Amy Chavez - Next Time I'll Self Publish - IndieReader: makes a number of accusations about traditional publishing contracts.  I think that most of them are familiar by now, namely that publishing contracts are biased against authors, and that publishers do not necessarily market titles in the manner promised.

But from my point of view, the most serious charged levied against the publisher (at least by Ms. Chavez) is that the editing done on her manuscript was so poor that she had to hire her own editor to fix the errors-- this at a time when the usual complaint about self-published books is the presence of typos, etc.  Copy-editing is indeed a dreary process, and it's the one thing that publishers have traditionally promised.  If this promise is broken or not respected, that's indeed a serious reason to self-publish.  Alternatively, this may be a way for publishing companies to compete in the future.

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